Unisex Hapad Metatarsal Pads Small 1/4"

Item #18-103

Hapad Metatarsal Pads help treat the common symptoms of metatarsalgia by relieving pressure at the ball of the foot.

The Hapad Metatarsal Pads Small 1/4" Thickness have the following features:

  • Helps treat metatarsalgia, a burning sensation or pain directly under one or more metatarsal heads. Another classic symptom of metatarsalgia: when it feels like there is a pebble in your shoe.
  • Relieves pressure on the metatarsals or balls of the feet;
  • Helps ease pain from high-heeled shoes and other dress shoes (HAPAD Metatarsal Pads fit easily into any type of shoe);
  • Get double the comfort by combining with Pedifix Hammer Toe Cushions.

Sizing Recommendations:

Flat Foot: Small or X-Small for Women Medium for Men

Normal Arch: Medium for both Women and Men

High Arch: Large for both Women and Men.