Women's Naot Koru Replacement Footbed Beige

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How does it fit?

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Specifically engineered and designed for compatibility with Naot’s Koru Collection, these replacement inserts will give new life to an old favorite. Slip them into any Koru shoes or sandals and you’ll notice the exceptional comfort. The cork bottom, leather upper and deep heel cup all work together in order to reduce moisture buildup and provide your foot with arch support, shock absorption, balance control, equal body weight distribution, heel bone protection. Furthermore, the features decrease stress on your lower limbs, joints and spinal column.

These Naot Koru Replacement Footbeds have the following features:

  • Footbed is designed to be used in the Naot Koru collection of sandals and shoes.
  • Leather upper helps draw moisture away from your feet to keep them healthy and dry.
  • Heel indentation helps the body balance and protects the heel bone as you walk.
  • Cushioned center conforms to the natural shape of your foot to provide you with all-day comfort.
  • Cork bottom holds footbed in place while also providing amazing arch support and shock absorption.
  • Hallux support is a ridge that helps the toes grip the shoe, preventing the foot from sliding forward
  • Arch support correctly distributes weight and further reduces pressure generated by the spinal column and joints
  • Made in Israel

Women's Koru Footbed Fits These Styles:

Chi, Hikaru, Karetu, Kirei, Kumara, Matai, Mauri, Megumi, Nao Mai, Oketopa, Rahina, Remu, Samoa, Tamariki, and Timaru.