How to put on compression socks

Compression socks are snug-fitting socks that softly squeeze your leg. They are worn to encourage blood flow, reduce swelling, help minimize problematic varicose veins, and add extra comfort to your daily life. 

These socks have graduated compression, meaning the compression is tighter at the foot and ankle and slightly lessens as the sock moves up your leg. 

Since compression socks are meant to gently squeeze your legs, they can be hard to put on. Knowing how to properly put on compression socks will make your daily routine easier. 

In this guide, we will show you the best way to put on compression socks so you can take advantage of all their benefits. 

The Easy Way to Put on Compression Socks

Putting on graduated compression socks doesn't have to be hard. In fact, we bet you’ll master the process in one sitting with our clear and simple steps on the easiest way to put on compression socks. We recommend trying this first with moderate compression socks and building your way up to firm compression.

Before learning how to put on a compression sock, make sure you are sitting down and in a comfortable position. 

Step 1

The first step when learning how to put on compression socks easily is to slide your hand and wrist into the sock with your palm and the sole of the sock facing upward until the heel of your hand meets the heel of the sock.

Step 2

Pull the leg of the sock inside out and away from you, leaving just the foot of the sock on your hand.

Step 3

Flip your hand over so that your palm and the sole of the sock are facing downward, then slide your foot into the foot of the sock, sole to sole. The gentler you are, the easier it will be to put on your compression socks. 

Step 4

Peel the leg of the sock up and over your heel and calf. Always smooth out any wrinkles, and don’t pull it up too far. This step is key in learning how to put on compression socks to ensure they are placed properly. 

For a demonstration, watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to put on your compression socks.

Follow these tips to help form smarter habits when putting on compression socks. What was once a difficult task can soon become a quick and easy part of your everyday routine.

  • Put on compression socks in the morning. 
  • Before working your way up your leg, put the sock over your toes first. 
  • Smooth out all wrinkles.
  • Practice and go slow. 

* * *

Whether you've worn knee high compression socks for years or you're taking a crash course in compression socks 101, learning how to put on compression socks the right way will save you from a lot of stretching, pulling, and wondering why your heel didn't make it into the heel pocket.

Now that you know how to properly put on compression socks, let’s take a further look at how compression socks can improve your quality of life. Many customers swear by compression socks, and for good reason. Graduated compression socks can:

  • Energize your legs
  • Alleviate achiness
  • Support muscle recovery 
  • Improve performance 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Improve circulation 
  • Support leg health 
  • Relieve symptoms from chronic health conditions 

Not only will Sockwell compression socks enhance your comfort and well-being, but they will also make you feel better in style. Stand out in Sockwell’s compression socks made with custom blended merino wool yarns and knit into vibrant, unique designs and colors. 




March 14, 2023 — rebecca monarch