About Rieker Shoes & Sandals

About Rieker Shoes

Since 1874, Rieker has been a household name in Europe for producing quality shoes. The company has been family owned for five generations, and it has expanded its product line worldwide. With its headquarters now in Switzerland and production outside of Europe, Rieker has gained a worldwide presence while maintaining its outstanding style and quality.

Focusing on high quality leisure products, Rieker is committed to having its products look good as well as enhance your lifestyle. Rieker’s casual, fashion-forward styles are increasing in popularity all over the world.

Rieker Technology

Rieker’s ANTISTRESS shoes reflect four basic technical traits:

  • Minimal weight
  • Optimum shock absorption on a variety of surfaces
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Room in the shoe for the foot to expand over the course of the day

Each Rieker shoe contains specially-produced components that are extremely lightweight and flexible (including flexible hand stitching). The Antistress sole spreads pressure over its entire surface to alleviate shock. All toe boxes also contain additional room so that you can be comfortable all day long.

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort with these Rieker shoes for women!