About OluKai Shoes & Sandals

OluKai Shoes: Inspired by the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Ocean

OluKai, which means “comfort” and “ocean” in Hawaiian, is dedicated to creating a better class of products for life in and around the water. These Olukai flip flops, boots and shoes reflect the Hawaiian and Polynesian lifestyles and encourage wearers to relax and to enjoy the environment.

OluKai Footwear Technical Features

OluKai women’s and men’s shoes were inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand and, as a result, contain contoured footbeds that provide outstanding comfort and support. Each pair contains an anatomical arch support and shock absorption properties. Wide toe boxes allow you to spread your toes naturally, and the heel cup cradles the heel to provide stability and reduce pronation and supination.  Slip into a pair of casual shoes or Olukai womens sandals and Olukai mens sandals to experience a new sense of freedom.

Commitment to the environment is also a cornerstone of OluKai boots, sandals and shoes; it uses recycled rubber in the outsoles and utilizes leathers from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries.

What Sets OluKai Shoes Apart?

With outstanding comfort, style, and environmentally sound practices, OluKai is a leader in producing beautiful shoes that reflect the casual influences of the Hawaiian Islands. Footwear etc. sells colorful varieties, bequeathing women and men alike with genuinely quality casualwear from OluKai shoes.