About Currex Insoles

Customized for every foot

Every type of currexSole is available in three different profiles. This eliminates the time-consuming process of heat molding or grinding.

  • HIGH PROFILE - Strong flexible medial/lateral arches, increase feedback, allows even pressure distribution.
  • MED PROFILE - Stronger medial arch, medium profile, provides great feedback and stimulates the cuboid for better function.
  • LOW PROFILE - Strongest medial arch, lowest profile, provides great feedback, increased stimulation for the cuboid.

The Currex Insole components in detail

Biomechanical Heel Guide - The Autofit Heel Cup

  • Research findings have proven that the sheer inflexibility of stiff heel cups hinders perfect performance. That's why currexSoles offer the Autofit system: Soft, specially designed heel cups which allow movement between the heel and mid foot, yet still ensure firm support. You're wearing the perfect shock absorber!

Triple Layer - For Your Foot's Comfort Zone

  • You can feel it - and it feels really good: Your foot is supported by a total of three layers. Less sweat and odor, improved air circulation - and no chance of blister formation! The top layer is made from supportive microfiber. The mid-layer is Freeflex Memory Foam, which adjusts pleasantly to the foot and is impregnated with high-quality bamboo charcoal. The bottom layer is a unique mix of natural rubber and EVA, giving an active foot the space it needs - when it needs it.

Soft Energy Storage: 3D DAT Dynamic Arch Technology

  • Hard materials in conventional insoles block your movements. However, in currexSoles the arch of the foot is supported by 3D DAT, a dynamic mid-sole bridge made from nylon composite. It supports and guides, and also reduces excessive movements which are often the cause of overload complaints. Mechanical energy is stored liked in a spring: The result is the most efficient propulsion you have ever experienced!

Outstanding Cushioning: Metatarsal Cushioning

  • The ball of the foot needs particular protection and currexSoles are real cushioning wonders thanks to PORON®, the global leader in performance cushioning.