About Ziera Shoes & Sandals

Ziera Shoes: Outstanding Comfort and Style from New Zealand

Since 1946, Ziera has been building comfort technology as well as beautiful style into its shoes. Ziera began in 1933 when brothers-in-law Mervyn Adams and David Robertson – two podiatrists – decided to create anatomical lasts for shoes that would help their customers’ feet. Manufacturing began in 1946, and the shoes known as Mervyn Adams Arch Supporting Shoes proved to be immediately successful. Over the next few decades, these shoes branched out all over New Zealand, and later Australia and the United States. By 2010, the company launched its products under the Ziera brand, focusing on stylishly comfortable shoes.

Ziera Shoes Technical Features

All Ziera shoes contain a unique cushioning system called SoftJourney® comfort technology. This system contains five distinct layers, each designed for a particular purpose. The Soft Touch layer is made from leather and naturally draws moisture away from the foot. The Soft Pillow layer contains Poron®, which provides the most advanced shock absorption and bounce back you can get. The Soft Step layer contains heel inserts made from Technogel® to provide additional shock absorption at the highest point of impact. The Contouring Support layer adds stability, and the Stabilizing Cradle is the firm foundation layer that prevents the foot from rocking. Working together, these five layers make all Ziera shoes soft, stable, supportive, and amazingly comfortable.

What Sets Ziera Shoes Apart?

Outstanding craftsmanship attention to detail goes into the making of each pair of Ziera sandals, boots and shoes. Ziera puts its leather through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it is soft yet tough enough to hold up well over time. Ziera also makes its own polyurethane soles. Each is filled with tiny bubbles of air that create cushioning with each step, and the polyurethane is light, flexible, and slip resistant. Outstanding support is achieved by the steel shanks built into the soles of each shoe. Find your perfect pair of Ziera shoes online with Footwear etc.