About Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet Insoles for the Extra Support You Need.

Superfeet was founded by podiatric doctors to provide affordable orthotics to the public. Since 1977, Superfeet has created comfortable insoles and orthotics for all sorts of footwear needs. Different types of feet require different types of footwear, so Superfeet provides insoles for any foot type or any sport or activity.

Superfeet inserts and insoles excel in providing support and shock absorption with its patented Stabilizer Capsule, deep heel cup, and shape. Heat and friction are reduced with the use of Holofiber fabric, thus keeping your feet cool and comfortable all day long.

Why Use a Superfeet Insole?

First, determine if you have a neutral, pronated (turning inward) or supinated (turning outward) foot. Neutral feet usually do not require orthotics, but can still benefit from extra shock absorption that insoles provide. Easily add Superfeet premium insoles to your daily shoes for arch support. Lower the risk of fatigue and injury. Find comfortable Superfeet shoe inserts at Footwear etc.

Also take into account the type of footwear you’re wearing. If your shoes contain a removable insole or sockliner, you can insert a Superfeet insole, trimmed to fit, into your shoe for added comfort. If your shoe does not contain a removable insole, one of Superfeet’s low-volume insoles can be used for this purpose.

Which Superfeet Insole Should I Choose?

  • If you are a walker or a runner, try a model that contains extra shock absorption like the Superfeet Green, Berry (for women) or orange (for men).
  • If you don’t have a removable insole, try the low-volume Superfeet Blue or Black.
  • For stop-start sports or those requiring tight-fitting cleated footwear, try the Superfeet Blue or Black.
  • Skaters, Cyclists, or Cowboy boot wearers should try the Superfeet Yellow.
  • Use the Superfeet Wooly White to replace sheepskin insoles.
  • The Superfeet DressFit insoles are designed for dress shoes.
  • Superfeet Video - How to select the correct size

    Superfeet Video

    Click the video below to learn about selecting the right Superfeet size.