About UGG Boots & Slippers

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Ever wonder how to wear your UGG® Classic Boots? Here a some quick ideas!

Why buy UGG® from Footwear etc?

Footwear etc. has been in business since 1986 and is proud to be one of the largest authorized retailers of authentic UGG® Footwear. We only sell new products in their original packaging. We also pride ourselves on our award-winning amazing customer service. Let us help you find the perfect pair of UGG® boots and shoes!

Why Choose UGG®

Owning a pair of UGG® boots has become the pinnacle of fashion. Appearing in magazines like Vogue and on runways all across the world, UGG® boots are now a high fashion symbol. What was once known as a laid back, sporty look has become a must-have accent piece for every woman’s wardrobe.

What many people don't realize is that the UGG® brand has been around since the early 1960s — when the shoes were predominately worn by men. Surfers in Australia were looking for a pair of shoes to keep their feet warm and dry in between surfing stints. However, surfers’ girlfriends started “borrowing” them and sported them like letter jackets. Eventually, UGG® started developing pairs for both men and women.

UGG® footwear first started appearing in the United States in 1978 when Brian Smith relocated to the beaches of Southern California, where he brought the sheepskin boots with him. After falling in love with the sheepskin experience, he knew they would catch on in the states. The UGG® boots trend gradually caught wind and embodied the relaxed and casual lifestyle of SoCal. As winter came, UGG® Boots were featured in ski shops and on slopes reflecting their sporty, casual style. By the ‘90s, celebrities took notice of the brand and sported the boots often. As the brand spread from sports shops to boutiques, UGG® womens boots and mens boots finally exploded. Featured on Oprah's Favorite Things, UGG® boots became recognized by celebrities and average Joes alike.

What Sets UGG® Boots Apart?

It’s all in the sheepskin! You won’t find more comfortable and high quality sheepskin anywhere else. When you slip into UGG® boots and slippers you can feel the difference; the softness and warmth are in a class by themselves. Quality and comfort are hallmarks of all UGG® products - don’t ever compromise!

Types of UGG® Footwear:

  • UGG® Classic Boot Collection. These are possibly the best known UGG® product on the market. Ranging from mini, to short, to tall, the classic collection holds many variations. These boots are great to wear after skiing, for lounging around the house, or walking throughout town. The Classic collection suits everyone's style and is embraced by all demographics.
  • UGG® Slippers. Available for both men and women, these slippers are often worn even outside of the house too! Ranging from a moccasin to a scuff, you'll want to fall asleep in these slippers which seem like pillows for your feet. Popular styles include Men's UGG® Ascot and Women's UGG® Coquette.
  • UGG® Casuals. For women, the casual collection consists of wedges, clogs, slip-ons and sneakers. Men have the options of lace-ups, slip-ons, and sneakers.

How do UGG® boots fit?

When purchasing UGG® boots, stay true to size unless you are purchasing the classic boot. Go down one size for the classic tall UGG® and short UGG® boots, as these shoes allow for expansion. If you are in-between sizes, always round down.

Taking Care of Your Authentic UGG® Footwear.

Footwear etc. recommends protecting and cleaning your UGG® boots with the UGG® Sheepskin Care Kit.

  • Use the UGG® Sheepskin Protector to protect your boots from rain, dirt, and snow.
  • If your boot develops a spot or stain, use the UGG® Sheepskin Cleaner.
  • Lightly brush sheepskin in one direction with the UGG® nubuck brush.
  • Follow all directions on the package carefully to keep your boots looking great, and to avoid water spots (once you remove any stains).

Beware of Fake UGG® Boots and Shoes

There are plenty of websites selling counterfeit UGG® boots and footwear. Only trust authorized UGG® retailers, like Footwear etc., when looking for authentic UGG® products. Counterfeit UGG® are not the same as real ones. We have seen many fake pairs that fell apart after only a few wears and are often constructed with man-made materials instead of authentic UGG® Sheepskin. All UGG® products included a reflective security sticker and/or label. Be sure to look for this seal of authenticity. And remember, it is unusual to see current UGG® styles discounted. If you see a price that is too good to be true, then it probably is. It is always safer to trust your feet and your credit card to an authorized UGG® retailer like Footwear etc.