About Ara Shoes & Sandals

About Ara Shoes

Ara Shoes Quality

Ara Women's Shoes are created by a production process requiring intensive hand-crafting and up to 130 individual operations.

The renowned quality of Ara's comfortable dress shoes for ladies is subject to independent testing and reporting on a regular basis.

Ara Shoes Fit

For the developers at Ara, the foot is not a part of the anatomy to be measured simply by length and width - it is a three dimensional work of art. Special features, such as a range of widths, and flexible materials ensure that the shoe adapts to the foot, not the foot to the shoe.

Additionally, specially developed Ara functions such as shock absorption and superior breathability deliver tangible benefits in the form of unparalleled comfort and stress-free walking.

Ara Shoes Features

Our feet have plenty to put up with, and any stress on them can have a detrimental effect on the whole body. A variety of features ensure that Ara Women's Shoes stay comfortable even with prolonged wear. For example, the cushion the step, and so help protect muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. Other features of these ladies comfortable dress shoes provide an optimal foot climate by ensuring high levels of breathability.