About Naot Shoes & Sandals

Learn About Naot

Naot has been creating superb quality, innovative designs in shoes since 1942. The company is dedicated to making casual and dressy footwear for men and women of the utmost quality and style. As a result, It has become one of the most successful manufacturers of shoes in Israel, and exports its products all over the world.

Naot shoes and sandals came into being as a result of customer demand for fashionable, comfortable, and healthy shoes. With its commitment to integrity and quality customer service, the company prides itself on exceptionally high standards and dedication to its customers. The corporate environment fosters a feeling of family by encouraging loyalty and teamwork, and encourages employees to experiment with new ideas and not settle for the ordinary. This corporate culture has helped employees produce shoes that create the most comfortable yet fashionable experience possible.

What Makes Naot Shoes So Special?

These Naot shoes for women and men contain a removable footbed that is made from suede-covered latex and cork. The footbed actually produces a custom fit since it molds to your foot as you walk. The footbed also contains an outstanding arch support and is made from 100% natural materials that are flexible, shock absorbent, supportive, and it alleviates pain and fatigue. Given that these footbeds are removable, you can conceivably use your own orthotic instead, or replace the footbed once it’s worn out. Naot has different footbeds for its various collections, so you can ensure a great fit and superior comfort whether you’re wearing a sandal, a closed shoe, or even a boot.

Naot Collections

Naot has a variety of collections with different heel heights, shapes and other features, and as a result each of which utilizes a different footbed.

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