How to Take Care of your Toenails


    1. Toenail Length

      Trim nail perfectly even with the tip of the toe to prevent rubbing. Repeated rubbing can result in soreness and/or swelling of the toes and even detachment of the toenails.



    1. Toenail Shaping
      Toenails should be cut straight across. Rounded corners can cause ingrown toenails and infections.


    1. Toenail Edge Care
      Smooth toenail edges help you avoid catching them on socks or pantyhose, thus preventing future nail injuries.


  1. Toenail Cuticle Care
    Soak the cuticles to soften and apply softening products before carefully pushing them back. Dry thoroughly with a washcloth. Stubborn cuticles clinging can be gently pushed back with a cuticle pusher. In addition, you can trim off any excess with a cuticle clipper. Moisturize cuticles to keep them hydrated and healthy. The cuticles maintain nail stability and also prevent bacteria from entering into the matrix of the nails.

Taking proper care of your toenails is essential for good foot health and overall foot comfort. Every day, your feet take a great deal of abuse while going about your various activities. Even a minor toe injury can cause discomfort and potentially affect other parts of your body. Keeping your toenails correctly trimmed as well as properly shaped is extremely important. Using the right tools and techniques makes ongoing care and maintenance of your toenails much easier to do.

May 07, 2021 — rebecca monarch