MBT Shoes- Frequently Asked Questions

What will MBT shoes do for me?

Our customers tell us that just by standing and walking in their MBT shoes they feel an increase in muscle activity; improved circulation, better posture; and reduced stress and pressure on their back, feet and joints.

How do MBT shoes work?

The unique rocker bottom sole of MBT changes a hard, flat surface into a soft, uneven one. This creates a natural instability underfoot which helps improve posture and helps engage muscles that are not used in regular shoes. Additionally, your gait decreases when walking in MBT shoes. This causes less shock and impact on the knees, back hips, lets and feet.

Are MBT shoes helpful for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs?

We have heard from thousands of customers that MBT shoes can be helpful for plantar fasciitis as they reduce the pressure in the arches of the feet where the plantar fascia lies. It is recommended that you gradually wean into wearing the MBT shoes and over time they will help to gently stretch the plantar fascia whilst protecting it and strengthening the muscles which support it. Read some of our customers' comments on our blog here.

What widths do MBT shoes come in?

Most MBT shoes are made in a medium width, although each style's fit varies. The Sport 3 comes in wide widths. Most of the women's styles tend to run narrow. Women with wider feet should look into the Sport or Casual style shoes or a sandal style with adjustability. The men's styles tend to fit true to width.

What sizes do MBT shoes come in?

MBT shoes are sized in a unique European sizing system that starts at a women's 35 and a men's 41. In some styles sizes increase in 2/3 European size increments and others sizes increase in whole sizes. Most of the women's styles run about a half size short. Most of the men's styles run true to size. Please read each item's specific product description and accompanying customer reviews for specific sizing per style.

How should MBT shoes fit? How do I know if I am wearing the correct size?

Closed shoe models should fit snug around the heel, snug on the instep and feel comfortable at the toes. Sandals should be worn with the heel as far back as possible and the toes reaching the front of the sandal. The footbed should mirror the foot as closely as possible. In normal shoes your feet tend to slide forward with each step, while in MBT shoes the rocking motion keeps your heel back.

Do MBT shoes have a removable insole?

All MBT closed-in shoe styles have a removable insole. The sandal and clog styles do not have a removable insole.

Can I wear my orthotics in my MBT shoes?

Wearing orthotic inserts in MBT shoes is not recommended because these inserts support feet and your foot muscles are not activated as much. MBT shoes stimulate and activate the foot muscles. To fully benefit from the MBT technology the MBT shoes should be worn without orthotics.

Orthotics can be worn with MBT shoes, although MBT advises against it. If using doctor prescribed orthotics, we recommend checking with your doctor first before discontinuing to use your orthotics.

Which style should I choose? What's the difference between them?

All of the MBT styles provide the same comfort features and benefits. The main difference between the various models is the design, color, and materials. Some people choose the athletic-looking styles because they have a combination of leather and mesh and tend to breathe better. Some people choose the all-leather shoes or clogs so they can wear them to work where a sneaker is not allowed. Whichever style you choose, the benefits to your body should be the same. It just comes down to choosing the style that you like best!

What is the difference between MBT shoes classic and dual board (new lower) soles?

The new Dual Board (lower) sole provides the wearer with the same benefits as the classic one – the only difference between the two sole constructions lies in the feeling for the wearer. While still curved, the Dual Board construction reduces the heights of the sole by approximately 1/3 inch, offering a new slender look and additional style choice to customers. The classic sole is approximately 1 ¾ inches high. The new Dual Board sole is just under 1 ½ inches high.

Is there something wrong with the sale priced items?

Nope! Periodically MBT discontinues a style and we put it on sale to clear out the remaining inventory. There is nothing wrong with these shoes, they've just been discontinued which allows you to get a great deal!

Are you an authorized MBT retailer?

Yes, Footwear etc. is proud to be an authorized MBT retailer and have the largest inventory of MBT in the United States. We have been selling MBT Footwear since early 2005 and have sold thousands of pairs to thousands of happy customers!

What activities are MBT shoes meant for?

MBT shoes are meant to be used for everyday walking, fitness walking and general lifestyle footwear.

Can I wear MBT shoes while participating in sports that require lateral movement (i.e. tennis, basketball, aerobics)?

MBT shoes are not recommended for lateral and stop-and-go movements. Instead, you should choose shoes specifically designed for your desired sport.

Can I jog in MBT shoes?

Yes, but make sure you run very slowly, have an upright posture, increase the speed with the frequency of your steps and not with a larger step, and that you roll from heel to toe (do not run on the forefoot).

Are MBT shoes good for back problems?

Our customers love how MBT shoes help their back problems.

Can my MBT shoes be treated with a stain and waterproof spray?

Yes, you may treat the MBT upper like you would any other high-end footwear purchase. However, do make sure that you protect the sole construction by not allowing any foreign materials to come in contact with the Masai Sensor. You can find some great products on our site here

How do I clean my MBT shoes?

Wash and dry your MBT shoes as soon as possible if they become muddy and dirty. Incorrect care of use can cause the Masai Sensor to deteriorate and the layers to separate. The leather styles should be polished prior to wearing them and the suede/nubuck styles should be protected with a spray prior to the first wear to help prevent wear and tear.

May 05, 2021 — rebecca monarch