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About MBT Footwear

MBT shoes and sandals are designed with a natural instability, similar to walking around barefoot in the sand. The shoes feature a curved, rocker-bottom sole which forces the body to create balance, which may help increase muscle activation in legs.

MBT Patented Curved Sole Features

These shoes are meant to be worn on a daily basis in order to allow the body to move in a more natural way.

MBT Shoes have increased in popularity since their introduction the the US market in 2003. What’s the big draw? They are extremely comfortable to wear and many loyal MBT customers have claimed many health benefits after wearing these shoes!

The MBT Index

MBT designs their shoes and sandals with 3 different levels of rock. Each shoe will fall into one of these three levels of rock on the MBT Index: Activate, Dynamic or Performance.

MBT Index Chart
  • Activate: Low Level Rock
  • Dynamic: Medium Level Rock
  • Performance: High Level Rock
Barefoot man in East Africa

Where Did They Come Up with the Idea?

When the designers were first coming up with the idea of MBT shoes, they looked to East African runners. Noticing that they trained barefoot for races, even marathons, the researchers began to wonder if their lack of injuries and pain was due to this lack of footwear. By watching how the foot hit the ground, they began to see that the rolling motion of the foot engaged the rest of the muscles of the body, stabilizing it and protecting it from harm. But since the researchers realized the people weren't about to run barefoot on the pavements of their cities, designing a shoe became the top priority.

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May 05, 2021 — rebecca monarch