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MBT fans from all over the world have shared their success stories with us. In fact, we receive them daily by phone and email! We literally have thousands. We admit it, we absolutely LOVE hearing about the ways they've improved our customers lives. If you have an MBT shoes success story and would like to share it, please get in touch!

Note: None of the following testimonials are from employees of MBT or Footwear etc. These stories are 100% authentic. Not a single customer represented on this page has been compensated for sharing their opinion in any way.

Without Further Ado, on with the MBT Shoes Success Stories!

“I am an engineer working in the South Bend, Indiana area. I am 56 years old, and I want to tell you how impressed/pleased with the MBT shoes that you have sold me.

For 3.5 years I have struggling with pain on the bottom of both feet. You name it; I've tried it. To try and make a long story shot, I spent considerable time curing Plantar Fasciitis, and torn Peronius tendons. These are tendons that start out about mid-way on the outside calf, proceed going under your outside ankle, and then go cady corner acorss the bottom of your feet and attach to the "knuckle" of your big toe. Doctors have told me it arguably is the most used tenon in your body since it is used twice each time you take a step. I had to have them surgically repaired. This is major foot surgery.

I have worked diligently with physical therapy, and have had some success with that. I am taking meds also. They are also helping, but I am telling you the MBT shoes you have sold me are also making a dramatic difference. While on vacation (the first one in three years), I saw a pair of MBT shoes, tried them on, and I thought I should try a pair. I bought them and immediately felt some pain relief, which is where you come in. I bought more pairs of them (mostly from you) and the pain is going away. I can hardly believe it.

I want to let you know that using these shoes is going to be a life changer for me. I cannot adequately express how much these MBT shoes are going to help. I want to thank-you so much for providing me with these excellent shoes. I am convinced they will be instrumental to my recovery.”

- Stanley M.

“I love my MBT Shoes. I own several pairs and wear them almost every day. They are great for my feet, legs and back. The service from Footwear etc. is second to none.”

- Tina T.

“I am writing about my experiences with MBT footwear and my purchases from footwear etc. company. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. One of the side affects of Parkinson's and treatment thereof, is stiffness in your legs. As a child I would walk on my toes, and I have discovered that I sleep with my toes curl, pointing down. So after I would wake up I would have pain in the Achilles tendon. I tried my own athletic shoes to relieve the discomfort of stretching my tendon, but, that did not work. I then tried my hiking shoes, and still no relief. I then purchased a pair of patrol type walk boots, thinking that the boot would be the solution. No go. I then saw some MBT shoes in a store. They were some on sale. I tried it on and almost immediately it seemed to work. The discomfort to my tendon was essentially gone. Before my Parkinsons disease developed, I wore Farragamo and Allen Edmonds. Now I wear the MBT shoe every day. A extra bonus of the MBT shoe is that it has the particular ability to straighten your back and legs, and this has certainly helped my posture and gait when walking. What an additional bonus.”

- Anonymous

“This is my second pair of MBT Shoes and I am a nurse on my feet for 12 hours a shift. I have had one total knee replaced and I need the second one done and the shoes have helped greatly for me to comfortably do my job. Thanks!”

- Judith B.

“Pricing is excellent; MBT selections are awesome; free shipping; amazing return policy; excellent service with knowledgeable, responsive staff .... mmmhhh... trying to think of even 1 reason why I would not shop here again!”

- Debra T.

“Without these MBT shoes I can barely walk, my peripheral neuropathy has taken my high heels, so THANK YOU for a pair of shoes I can wear with suits/dresses that don't look orthopedic! This is my third pair of MBT's. Your website is easy to navigate and I've forwarded it to many of my friends/co-workers.”

- Markie C.

“I recently ordered MBT shoes from Zappos and from Footwear etc. The Zappos order arrived quickly but the shoes were the only item in the box... it did not contain the instructional DVD that I expected with the shoes. Since I was a first-time MBT wearer, this was a disappointment (although I later went online and found the video on YouTube). The Footwear etc. order arrived quickly too and looked fresh and neat; the shoe box included the instructional DVD, a shoe horn, and a brochure of shoe styles available at Footwear etc. I was very impressed!! (I was also impressed when I placed my order that I was offered my choice of free 2-day UPS shipping or a free pair of "high quality comfort socks"!) Unfortunately that particular style of MBT shoes did not suit my foot and I returned them, which was very easy, thank you. My return is still pending but I feel sure it will go through with no problems. When I was ready to order these MBT sandals, rather than buying online at Zappos (or at the Foot Solutions store a couple of miles from me), I chose to buy online at Footwear etc. I have bookmarked the Footwear etc. website and will use it to order all my MBT shoes from now on. I especially appreciate the low-price matching guarantee as well... what more could a customer like me want?!! Thank you, Footwear etc.!!!”

- Judy P.

“Best selection of MBT Shoes, free shipping and no tax motivated me to order from Footwear etc. over buying them at Nordstrom today. I spoke directly with someone from Footwear etc. last week and found them to be extremely helpful.”

- Kellie L.

“This is my first time buying a MBT Walking Sneaker. I was rather surprised that it was comfortable doing a slow jog on the treadmill (4.5-5mph) and great on a regular walk. I wear them to work but I think I might have to order another pair of the walking sneaker so I can alternate between them. I love them!”

- Jane W.

“I have had a series of back injuries over the years and I have gradually become accustomed to experiencing constant pain. So, although I was willing to try almost anything for pain relief, I was not too hopeful about these shoes, especially when I took them out of the box! They felt incredibly heavy; I was sure that I'd be sending them back. However, after watching the DVD and trying them out for short practice sessions in the house over a couple of days, I ventured onto the streets and took my dog for a reasonably long walk. When I awoke the next morning, I felt that unmistakable post-workout stretch down my legs. Over the next few days, I became aware that I really was standing straighter. And it gradually dawned on me that the back pain was gone. So, not only have these shoes changed my dog-walking as I do the MBT glide, but I feel so much better that I am now wearing them to work. I'm a college professor and students and colleagues have noticed these shoes and asked my opinion--which is that these shoes are everything that they are advertised to be and that Footwear etc is the place to buy them.”

- Stan T.

“These shoes are unbelievable. My lower back ached all the time. Not anymore! The shoes take a couple of days to get used to, but if you are used to standing on the backs of your heels and putting strain on your back these shoes are prefect to help improve your posture. With the "rocker" hill you will learn to stand on the balls of your feet and take to the strain off your lower back and legs. The design prevents you from leaning back. I will never own any other sports shoes again!!!!!!!”

- Kris T.

“I walk 3-4 miles, daily, in these shoes. They have truly strengthened my calves and rear in just three weeks. My husband said last night "your calves really do look stronger". As a long time runner, I was weary of this shoe, but I honestly say that I have been impressed with the tone they have brought to my legs.”

- Missy F.

“I was told by my colleagues name are RNs, surgeons and physical therapists name swore by the MBTs. I myself being a physical therapist ordered one and am very satisfied by the product and have already ordered same piece for my mother. I also would now feel comfortable recommending it to my patients for their postural reeducation, they do as recommended need to be 1/2 a size bigger than your usual size, awesome product!!!!!!!!!!! and attractive too!”

- Clara S.

“I have 7 different types of MBT shoes. They are all I wear. Since I began wearing MBTs I have less pain in my knees, hips, and lower back. I am in my late 40's and have degenerative disc disease in both knees. Next to my glucosomine, I have found these shoes to be the ticket to easing daily pain. This particular pair does run about 1/2 size small. I have found almost all MBTs to run about 1/2 size small. I have a fairly average foot and rarely need a shoe outside a size 7, except with MBTs I seem to wear 7 1/2 in almost all styles. So for me, ordering online, going just a 1/2 size larger has proven to put me in the right size.”

- Val A.

“I had a foot problem - heel hurt a lot when I walked. I spent a ton of money at the foot doctor, then I heard about MBT shoes. I thought I would try them. I started wearing them a little every day as directed. I couldn't believe the difference! My feet didn't hurt - what a feeling! MBT's gave me my life back. At work customers ask me about my shoes so I tell them all about them and give them your web address. One of my coworkers calls them the shoes of the future. This is my second pair. My first pair came apart had a defect and you sent me a new pair to replace them right away. How great is that! So you can tell that I am a happy customer and will buy from you again. I love MBT shoes, and I really love Footwear etc.”

- Louise B.

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