About Clarks Shoes, Sandals, Boots & Cloudsteppers

About Clarks Shoes

Since 1825, Clarks has been producing shoes that meet the needs of their customers. The first pairs of shoes were made out of sheepskin scraps, and are now made from quality leathers. Customers have demanded comfortable, durable footwear, and Clarks has consistently risen to that challenge. From a small company that began in England, Clarks has grown into a huge success story, creating Clarks boots and shoes for women and men.

Types of Clarks Shoes

Clarks Originals

The Clarks Originals collection consists of casual, easy to wear shoes. Some of the styles may seem familiar, but they have been proven to appeal across generations and eras due to their timeless designs. With leather linings and Clarks’ signature crepe outsole, these vintage styles are the perfect shoes for casual wear.

Clarks Unstructured

This collection specializes in bringing in fresh air, and channeling away warm air and moisture to keep your feet comfortable and dry all day with Clarks’ unique Air Circulation System® (ACS). Shoes in this collection contain premium leather uppers and lambskin linings, which make them very soft and flexible. They are very light in weight due to the Injection-molded EVA midsole and rubber strike pads. Ultra Flex grooves increase the overall flexibility of the shoe so that you don’t have to have a formal break-in period.

Clarks Artisan

The Clarks Artisan collection features dressier, high-end shoes suitable for your fancier occasions. There is attention to styling details with these models, with features like rich leathers, wood-grain bottoms, beautiful buckles, and even beadwork. Cushioned footbeds and flexible rubber outsoles make these shoes incredibly comfortable as well as stylish. The styles with heels contain the Active Air® footbed, which provides superior shock absorption, cushioning, and air circulation to help keep your feet comfortable.

Clarks Wave

These shoes contain a unique curved sole that helps your foot roll smoothly through the entire gait cycle. Intended to enhance your walking experience and allow you to walk with less fatigue and greater comfort, this collection of Clarks walking shoes for women and men excels at reducing the impact of each step. The rolling motion naturally propels you forward and helps keep you walking comfortably for longer periods of time than with other shoes. The concave heel softens heel strike and provides great shock absorption. The Clarks Wave collection has the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Clarks Springers

The ultimate casual comfort sandals, the Springers collection provides styling in leather or nubuck with outstanding comfort. Adjustable straps, padded suede-lined footbeds and a lightweight rocker sole put this collection in a league of its own. The air cushioning in the heel makes it function like an accordion, with superlative shock absorption properties as the air compresses and releases as you walk.

What Sets Clarks Shoes Apart?

Clarks footwear features many innovative technological features including:

  • Air Circulation System® (ACS) – This system actually promotes comfort by utilizing both air intake vents and exhaust vents, to maximize the air flow in and out of the shoe. The intake vents bring in fresh air, and exhausts warm, moist air out of the shoe. This system allows your feet to feel cool and dry all day long.
  • Active Air® – This system provides cushioning even in the highest heels Clarks offers. The air chambers in the footbed provide air circulation as you walk, and provide enhanced shock absorption. This double-layered footbed won’t flatten out over time, and feels soft and airy.
  • Active Air® with Air Flow – Take all of the features that Active Air® provides, and add to that an additional level of air circulation. Shoes containing this system have small pods on the outsole that compress as you walk, and forces air through the midsole and footbed. As air flows all around your foot, you obtain even greater cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Gore-Tex® - This is a special lining that is designed to keep your feet comfortable regardless of the weather. The Gore-Tex® lining is waterproof, breathable, and helps keep your feet cool and dry. Water cannot enter the shoe due to microscopic pores that are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets. However, the membrane has microscopic pores 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapor, allowing perspiration to evaporate. This is the perfect solution for keeping your feet dry due to wet and sloppy conditions.

Discover why Clarks has had satisfied customers for almost 200 years! The variety of styles and colors is vast; there’s a shoe for everyone.

Clarks Video

Enjoy watching this video from Clarks highlighting their new Spring collection: