About FitFlop Shoes & Sandals

About FitFlop™ Sandals

In 2007, FitFlop™ began to produce sandals with ergonomic soles. These shoes were designed by biomechanists at London South Bank University along with entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore to provide a new type of flip flop. Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, FitFlop™ has created many different styles of sandals that make walking easy and pamper your feet. As a result, FitFlop™ has become a favorite of customers all over the world. Since then, FitFlop™ has branched out to include a wide variety of styles to suit every wardrobe.

FitFlop™ Technology

FitFlops utilize multiple different technologies including: the Microwobbleboard™, Anatomicush™ and the Biomimetix™ midsoles. The classic footwear is built on the Microwobbleboard™ midsole, which helps diffuse pressure under your foot and absorb shock. Composed of three different densities in the midsole, the Microwobbleboard™ has a high density heel for optimum shock absorption, low density in the midsection that creates instability to distribute pressure, and a mid density toe cap to increase stability. FitFlop™ sneakers feature the Anatomicush™ technology offering ultra-flexible, superligt cushioning for athleisure styles. The anatomically contoured footbed increases foot-to-midsole contact for maximum comfort.

FitFlop technology in every shoe

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