About Ecco Shoes & Sandals

ECCO Shoes is the Leader in Uncompromising Footwear

For over 40 years, ECCO has produced footwear that excels in innovation. Originating in Bredebro, Denmark, ECCO shoes were first developed by Karl Toosbuy. He firmly believed that the best shoes should mold to the wearer’s feet, and not the other way around. Adding in comfort, Scandinavian design, flexibility and innovation, ECCO shoes are prized for their comfort and craftsmanship.

ECCO Shoes are Designed from the Inside Out

ECCO’s philosophy is that you start designing with foot comfort first, and then work outward to reflect the latest fashion trends with Scandinavian touches. While these shoes are intended to be fashion forward, having the foot be comfortable is the first priority of these style leaders.

The ECCO “Freedom Fit” technology allows your toes to spread naturally. This enables you to support your weight more evenly, thus making walking more comfortable. ECCO believes that innovations like this help ensure a quality and unique product, suited for any of your daily activities.

Types of ECCO Shoes:

You can find a wide variety of ECCO footwear for men and women, including: boots, flats, slip-on shoes, oxfords, sneakers, pumps and even golf shoes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. In addition to these shoes, ECCO also produces:

  • Performance Category Footwear with ECCO Receptor Technology. This line utilizes design features that help you feel like you have maximized the effort you put into each step with increased performance, stability and strength. Receptor Technology helps minimize foot fatigue as you walk. In shoes like the very popular Yucatan sandal, this can mean you can feel comfortable for long periods of time, despite however rugged the terrain may be.
  • Replacement leather insoles that are antibacterial absorb moisture and allow for air circulation. Footwear etc. also sells replacement inserts to keep your shoes as good as new.
  • Waterproof Shoes featuring Gore-Tex. This technology is a membrane that is waterproof and not only wicks away moisture from perspiration, but keeps water out of the shoe. In particular, the ECCO Track series with Gore-Tex has full-grain leather and nubuck uppers to go along the Gore-Tex lining. As a result, these are the ultimate shoes for the great outdoors.
  • ECCO Elite Style and Aesthetic Design

    Of course, you can’t discuss men's ECCO shoes and women’s shoes without referencing the lovely exteriors. No matter whether you are buying an ECCO sneaker, a hiking boot or a high heel, you’ll be receiving sleek, polished style. Coming in seductive reds, metallic grey, leopard, rich browns, classic blacks and more, Ecco sandals and shoes are tasteful and adaptable enough to wear with a whole slew of outfits.

    Browse Footwear etc.’s online store today to find the best place to buy ECCO sandals, slip on shoes, boots and sneakers. With our excellent sales and free shipping, you can’t go wrong!

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