About Finn Comfort Collection

Finn Comfort Shoes and Sandals - Masterpieces of German Quality

Since 1945, Finn Comfort has been hand-making shoes of the utmost quality. The company blends old world European craftsmanship, state of the art technology, and podiatric knowledge to produce products that are beautiful, comfortable, and durable. Each pair of walking shoes and podiatric sandals is hand made in Bavaria, and reflects the time-honored attention to detail that Finn Comfort embraces.

Finn Comfort Shoe Topnotch Style

For the woman who loves contemporary footwear that can transition from one setting to the next, Finn Comfort strikes a delicate balance between robustness and femininity. Playful use of color, thick stitching and attractive straps dress up this walking shoe to one that you’ll be proud to wear. With many of them showcasing a slight, thick heel, these clogs and sandals will keep you both stylish and free of pain one day after the next.

Finn Comfort Details Make the Difference

Finn Comfort goes out of its way to ensure the perfect fit for its customers. Each pair of women’s shoes contain an anatomically correct orthopedic footbed to guarantee superior arch and metatarsal support. Furthermore, the fashionable leather body is combined this with durable yet flexible polyurethane outsoles, a gently curved heel to encourage heel-to-toe rolling motion, and a flexible toe cap to eliminate pressure points. There’s no denying that, with the quality and softness of the shoes, Finn Comfort invests in the health and happiness of the wearer. Available in red, blue, brown, silver, white and more, these Finn sandals, sneakers and walking shoes will deliver reliable wellbeing one year after the next.

Caring for your Finn Comfort Footbeds

Take care of your Finn Shoes footbeds by hand washing them in lukewarm water and mild soap, and then air-drying them away from direct sunlight. Finn Comfort recommends replacing worn footbeds at least once a year; you can check to see which shoes are best suited to the particular replacement footbed you’re considering. These inserts come in both soft and firm densities.