About Gabor Shoes & Sandals

About Gabor Shoes

For more than 60 years, Gabor has been producing outstanding shoes. Using very high quality materials, Gabor ensures its outstanding products with the most stringent quality control checks and standards around. Headquartered in Rosenheim, Germany, Gabor controls production of 25,000 shoes per day.

Gabor melds incredibly high quality with traditional designs and innovative technologies. The company has moved beyond women’s shoes to also include handbags, children’s shoes and shoe care products. Gabor has become the best known brand of ladies’ shoes in Germany as well as one of the largest brands in the world.

What Sets Gabor Shoes Apart?

Gabor’s technical features include:

  • Soft leather linings
  • Flexibility
  • Air cushioned soles to cushion each step
  • Variety of widths to provide extra room in the toes, ball and instep areas
  • Removable inner sole (in some models) to accommodate orthotics and provide ventilation
  • Special materials to help prevent shoes from never losing their shape

Combining traditional handiwork and innovative design makes Gabor a brand to check out!

Top 10 Reasons to purchase Gabor Shoes

  1. Gabor Perfect fit.

    More than 50 years of experience in the art of shoemaking means that Gabor can guarantee incomparably good fit. You notice it with every step you take.  
  2. Gabor uses the very best materials.

    Gabor exclusively uses high-quality, carefully selected materials. The most stringent checks of material and quality ensure the highest standards.
  3. Gabor feel-good features.

    There is a lot of know-how behind Gabor shoes: non-lined, particularly soft types, replaceable or integrated footbeds or joint-friendly shock-absorbing properties – Gabor is always coming up with something new for you to feel good in. 
  4. Gabor's tidy finish.

    Gabor produces products almost exclusively in its own factories and thus guarantees faultless stitching and perfect assembly of every single shoe.
  5. Gabor lasting shape-retention.

    Even if your Gabor shoes are your favorites and you wear them all the time, they will never lose their shape. This is achieved with interlining or special materials, whilst other manufacturers might spare the expense.
  6. Gabor's high production standards.

    Production is governed by high ethical and moral standards: Good working conditions, fair wages, no child labor involved, responsibility for the environment. This is what we demand of ourselves and of all our suppliers.
  7. That special chic.

    With Gabor you are always up with the latest in shoes that can be mixed and matched in many ways. Purchase Gabor boots, Gabor sandals or any luxurious item from their collection to stay looking stylish and chic for any occasion.
  8. Gabor is perfect for every foot.

    Every foot and every calf are different. And every woman is dear to us. This is why Gabor also supplies extra sizes, extra widths for the ball of the foot and toes, a special widths concept for various fit requirements, even for boots, half sizes etc. 
  9. Health check.

    Strictest controls, including by external test institutions, guarantee Gabor shoes are safe to wear.
  10. Excellent price-performance ratio.

    Gabor shoes do not come cheap. But from Gabor you obtain a price-performance ratio that can hardly be matched. Because we want you to enjoy your shoes. And for a long time.

Real beauty comes from the inside - Only the most comfortable shoe assures a noticeable entrance. We thereby maintain traditional handiwork, which in a time of industrial manufacturing processes cannot be taken for granted. We develop a special last for each model, the “soul of the shoe”. It decides the fit. In a second step we select the most suitable, high-quality material, before we carefully process all individual 250 parts of the shoe together. It is the combination of the traditional craft for the cobbler, innovative technology a feel for fashion that our quality conscious customers treasure and rely on.

Confidence we can earn through absolute transparency - As a manufacturer of quality branded products we live above all from the confidence of the customer. A confidence we earn through absolute transparency. All production processes and raw materials are strictly and at regular intervals checked for their ecological impact and health benefits. We demand the same transparency from our partners. We co-operate exclusively with partners whose trustworthiness, based on co-operation over several years, we can be certain of without qualification.

Home of the shoe - In Rosenheim, Germany, Gabor AG has its headquarters. From here, a daily production of 25,000 pairs of shoes is controlled, amounting to annual revenues in excess of 240 Million Euros – a volume securing them to the leading position in the German market for ladies’ footwear.

Founded in 1949 at Barmstedt (near Hamburg) by Bernhard and Joachim Gabor.

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