Women's Ara Shoes Gabrielle Silver Onzakid Leather

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The Ara Gabrielle is a casual women's leather high heel pump with an exotic leopard print upper.

These Ara Gabrielle Silver Onzakid Leather Women's Shoes have the following features:

  • Super soft uppers
  • A stylish and elegant pump
  • An elasticized topline for comfort and a custom fit
  • HighSoft Technology married the feeling of your most comfortable sneakers with our pumps and ballet lines
  • A highly flexible outsole
  • Supple and padded insole and a special foam insert hidden under the ball of the foot
  • DYNERGY The innovative sole construction for a dynamic and fatigue-free walk
  • Footbed ensures a perfect feeling of well-being, designed to adapt to the anatomy of your feet from heel to toe, relieving the stress on muscles, bones, joints and ligaments
  • Superior shock-absorbing properties and the perfect flexibility of the shoe will add light and easy comfort to your day
  • Ultra-light styles offer genuine comfort. The lightness of the outsole and the high-tech materials ensure a reduced overall weight
  • Extra light system are the epitome of lightness thanks to an outsole that weighs almost nothing at all, like walking on air
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Only carefully selected materials, tested for harmful substances are used

Production takes place at the highest technical level and in conformance with all international environmental standards

Shock absorption and superior breathability deliver benefits in the form of unparalleled comfort and stress-free walking