Women's Dansko Professional Clog White Box Leather

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A favorite among nurses, doctors and other medical workers, the Dansko Professional White Box Leather Women’s Shoe cushions to ward off feet, knees and lower back discomfort. Brilliant matte white leather makes this stylish shoe stand out, and an unparalleled comfort and support makes it perfect for long days at home or work. Dansko shoes allow the heel to move up and down as needed without sacrificing the snugness you require.

These Dansko Professional White Box Leather Women's Shoes have the following features:

  • Strong internal frame correctly aligns the foot and prevents ankle sprain
  • Cushioned interior band to prevent irritation
  • Wide toe box to guard toes against irritation
  • Shoehorn-style heel counter assists in putting on the shoe and allows the heel to move without obstruction
  • 1 3/4" heel that absorbs shock

Dansko Professional's stapled outsole has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA American Podiatric Medical Association and has been verified by SATRA in the United Kingdom and Precision Testing Laboratories in Nashville, Tennessee.