Unisex EvenUp Foot Leveler - New Improved Version Black

Item #208616

How does it fit?

Suffering from knee, hip, or back pain due to an orthopedic walking boot, post-op medical shoe, or cast? Do you have a leg length discrepancy due to a recent hip replacement surgery? Evenup is the solution! Walk without a limp and in your own comfortable shoes. Evenup is the easy way to even up leg length from your hip to the sole of your foot, making walking a pain-free breeze.

Are you purchasing or have you already purchased a walker boot for broken foot treatment or a medical walking shoe? To avoid further injury, the Evenup shoe lift is an excellent accessory to pair with our wide selection of walking boots or post-op shoes.

The new improved version now comes with three different height adjustments.

EvenUp Shoe Leveler Device

Pegs in the top layer of the Evenup sole fit into the holes in the bottom layer.