Unisex EvenUp Foot Leveler

Item #114002

How does it fit?

Even small differences in leg length, whether real or caused by wearing an orthopedic boot, can mean major pain!
The Evenup was developed by foot and ankle specialists that saw the need for a simple, effective way to help patients suffering from hip and back pain while recovering from an injury or surgery in an orthopedic boot or wound healing shoe.

EvenUp Foot Leveler Shoelift Device

The Evenup does not correspond to shoe size. Instead the measurement of the sole of the shoe is used to determine the appropriate size of Evenup™. See image below for the proper measurement technique.

A sole measurement between 10 inches (254 mm) and 11 1/4 inches (286 mm) use a SMALL
A sole measurement between 11 ½ inches (292 mm) and 12 ¾ inches (324 mm) use a MEDIUM
A sole measurement between 13 inches (330 mm) and 14 ½ inches (368 mm) use a LARGE

Note: It is generally best to choose an Evenup a little too small rather than a little too big.

Pegs in the top layer of the Evenup sole fit into the holes in the bottom layer. The single layer bottom is 1.3 cm thick. By adding the top sole the Evenup™ adds 2.1 cm in height.