Women's Fidelio Hallux Helga Mary-Jane Bunion Relief 35-606 Black Croc Leather

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Specially designed to meet the needs of people with bunion problems. Slip into a pair of Fidelios and never walk with bunion pain again!

Fidelio Hallux Helga Mary Jane Bunion Relief 35-606 Black Croc Leather Women's Shoe

Features include:

  • Made in Austria
  • Soft, vegetable tanned leather uppers, and a built-in, stretchable leather bunion pocket.
  • The footbeds are removable, with arch and metatarsal arch support. The toe area of the footbed is lined with leather matching the upper.
  • Heel height 32mm, gradient 21mm
  • Deep cupped heel
  • Air cushioned sole
  • Soft tread sole for excellent grip
  • Adjustable mary-jane strap