Women's Fidelio Hallux Magic Stretch Bunion Relief 33-517 Asphalt Leather

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Specially designed to meet the needs of people with bunion problems. Slip into a pair of Fidelios and never walk with bunion pain again!

Fidelio Hallux Magic Stretch Bunion Relief 33-517 Women's Sandal

Features Include:

  • The heel height is 45 mm, the gradient (difference between the heel height and the platform height) is 30 mm.
  • Using the unique MAGIC-STRETCH®" construction these mules (backless sandals)incorparate a stretchable, breathable insert which cushions and conceals the bunion whilst giving no sign that it is doing so.
  • These shoes also offer customers who do not suffer from bunions the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the Hallux models.
  • Insole toe-point matches the colour of the upper
  • Ideal for full orthotics, the 100% natural cork insole is fully removable.
  • Perfet hold due to deep-cupped heel