Women's Fidelio Hallux Magic Stretch Ankle Boot 31-4501 Black Leather

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Specially designed to meet the needs of people with bunion problems. Slip into a pair of Fidelios and never walk with bunion pain again!

The elegant touch is being implemented also in the ankle boot group GINA. With its slim optic and exquisite upper leathers this group will be of interest to your customers

Fidelio Magic Stretch Ankle Boot 31-4501 Black Leather Women's Shoe

Features include:

  • Natural form
  • Last fit FENJA in width F, GINA in width G½
  • Heel height 29mm, Gradient 17mm
  • AGO pinched construction
  • Invisible MAGIC-STRETCH Function
  • Long, removable, leather-lined soft natural cork foot bed
  • Soft upper leather
  • Lined with soft calf leather or textile
  • Soft, padded inner lining
  • Light weight anti-slip PU air-cushioned sole
  • Slim heel
  • Ideal for full orthopaedic insoles