Women's Hapad Dancer Pads White

Item #18-107

These Hapad Dancer Pads Women's Pads have the following features:

  • This perfectly designed pad derives its name from its common use by dancers to relieve pain caused by calluses and blisters under the big toe.
  • Fast Relief for Painful Big Toe Joint Pain Caused by Turf toe, Simple Sesamoiditis or Irritations Under the Big Toe
  • Available in men's and women's sizes
  • Available colors: white or brown
  • Sold in pairs

What is Turf Toe? Turf Toes is caused by a hyperextension of the great toe, producing a swollen, painful joint. Given its name from frequent occurrences on artificial surfaces.

What is Sesamoiditis? Common among dancers, joggers and runner, Sesamoiditis causes localized tenderness and swelling of the tissue at the big toe.