Unisex Hapad Longitudinal Metatarsal Pads Large 1/2" White

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The Hapad Longitudinal Metatarsal Pads Large 1/2" are soft felt pads designed to help alleviate metatarsalgia and other conditions affecting the metatarsal area. Arch and metatarsal support, all-in-one.

These Hapad Longitudinal Metatarsal Pads have the following features:>

  • The patented design of this arch pad provides support for the longitudinal and metatarsal arches
  • This soft correction supports flat or weak arches while allowing the foot to exercise and flex to help strengthen the arches
  • Recommended for pronation, flat feet, or high arches
  • Ideal for shoes with little or no built-in arch support
  • Provides support for the medial and metatarsal arch
  • Comfort and correction for patients' pes valgus planus problems
  • Easy-to-fit support
  • Adhesive backed