Unisex Finn Comfort Soft Comfort Footbeds #8543 for "Classic" and "Prevention" Flats

Item #15-235

How does it fit?

Our all natural orthopedic footbeds provide serious anatomical support. For optimal health and hygiene, we recommend replacing worn footbeds at least once a year. Finn Comfort footbeds can be hand-washed with lukewarm water and mild soap. Air dry away from direct sunlight.

This footbed fits the following shoes:

Andros, Baltrum, Samara, Sanaa, Sausalito, Soft Boulder, Soft Sandal, Soft Shoe, Soft Sylt, Toro

Finn Comfort footwear features our famous orthopedic footbeds, anatomically contour molded and ergonomically designed to reflect the natural shape of a healthy foot. Made of natural cork harvested from Mediterranean oak trees, pure latex from the rubber tree, woven jute, and lined with rich organically dyed suede, our all-natural footbeds encourage good posture and proper foot function while cradling your feet from heel to toe. Finn Comfort footbeds are removable and hand-washable with mild soap and warm water max 86 F.