Men's Mephisto Runoff Replacement Insoles Grey

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Increase the lifespan of your shoes with Mephisto Men’s Runoff Replacement Insoles. These innovative inserts revive your tired footwear and keep them fresher, longer. With the same Air-Jet system featured in your original Runoffs, the replacements will continue to provide all the benefits you’ve come to trust and love. Try the Mephisto Men’s Runoff Replacement Insoles today to get the most out of your favorite shoes.

These Mephisto Runoff Replacement Insoles have the following features:

  • Easy to insert and remove at will.
  • Relieve back, joint and lower limb pain for a more confident gait.
  • Provide cushioning and naturally mold to your foot’s shape for extra comfort.
  • Fits in with Men’s Mephisto Runoff.