Men's Naot Scandinavian Replacement Footbed Natural

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If you’ve worn out the original Scandinavian soles of your men’s Naot shoes, don’t worry! A new set of replacement footbeds will give the footwear brand new life. Built with cork and natural latex – exactly like the originals – for advanced cushioning, contouring and highly personalized fit. you’ll receive the distinct Naot arch and hallux support that made you fall in love with the brand in the first place. These replacement orthotics for men are also made from 100% natural materials.

These Naot Scandinavian Men's Replacement Footbeds have the following features:

  • Suede-covered cork and latex construction
  • Hallux support
  • Fits: Men's Scandinavian collections
  • 100% natural materials
  • Arch support
  • Elevated footbed center
  • Environmentally friendly

Men's Scandinavian Footbed Fits These Styles:

Andes, Bjorn, Bruno, Denali, Eiger, Fiord, Gandolf, Glacier, Hendrik, Lappland, Mikael, Mt. Louis, Othelo, Tremblant, Viking and Yukon.