Unisex Pedag Correct Heel Inserts Step Straightener

Item #116418

How does it fit?

The Correct Heel Inserts Step Straightener #129 has the following features:

  • Corrects bow legs and knock-knees as well as unevenly walked-down heels.
  • If you walk a lot or you wear your shoes for long hours, you will be familiar with the issue of worn-down heels.
  • Additionally, many people suffer from bow legs or knock-knees that lead to the heels being worn-down unevenly
  • Will level out worn-down heels and therefore correct your walking posture
  • Well cushioned to provide a pleasant and soft walking experience.

Depending on how you insert the heel pad into your shoes, you will be able to level out either knock-knees or bow legs. With knock-knees, pedag CORRECT is to be put into the shoe with the high end of the heel pad facing inside, in case of bow knees, just the other way round.

2 Inserts per pack

  • Learn more about heel pain.
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