Unisex Pedag Longitudinal Arch Supports with Self-Adhesive Beige Leather

Item #11-423

How does it fit?

The Longitudinal Arch Support with Self-Adhesive has the following features:

  • This product sold as a pair
  • Supports the medial longitudinal arch by preventing undue strain and weakening
  • Affected feet get proper support which prevents further development of flatfoot
  • Covered with the finest sheepskin leather
  • Flexible and absolutely colorfast
  • Easily fixed inside the shoe by a self-adhesive foil

Flatfoot refers to a foot with a lowered medial longitudinal arch. This condition is characterized by pain in the region of the plantar arch and the instep (the foot's upper and lower parts). As the condition progresses the foot grows increasingly flat and lengthens. The middle of the insole of the foot (in the region of the metatarsus) looks darker and keeps growing wider. Overweight, standing all day, hard, uneven floors, shoes with inadequate support and even sports activities put an extreme strain on the medial longitudinal arch. Remedies include foot bedding such as arch which support the medial longitudinal arch, prevents undue strain and weakening of the metatarsus. Already affected feet get proper support which prevents further development of flatfoot.