Unisex Spenco Walker/Runner Insoles Red

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Spenco Walker/Runner Unisex Insole - Contoured, flexible support.Target Consumer: Walkers, runners and joggers seeking additional comfort and cushioning. Consumers who want targeted shock absorption for rear foot impact. Recommended For: Increased shock absorption and heel strike protection. Reduced friction to help prevent blisters. Increased energy return for improved athletic performance.

Spenco Walker/Runner Unisex Insole

Features include:

  • Flexible, contoured support and cushion for all-day use
  • SpenCore™ heel-strike pad provides cushion for optimum shock absorption and energy return
  • SpenCore™ forefoot cushioning enhances overall shock absorption
  • Lighweight POLYSORB™ layer of polyurethane foam heel cup and arch support for additional stability
  • Low-friction top cloth helps prevent blisters
  • Silpure Antimicrobial reduces odor
  • Trim to size if necessary
  • 38-385