Unisex Superfeet Wide Green Insoles

Item #25-264

How does it fit?

Treating your body right starts at the very bottom. Your feet are the high-impact base of your skeletal system, so ignoring or abusing them can lead to stiffness and pain all over your body. Be nice to your feet with Superfeet insoles and you’re entire body will enjoy the ride.

These Superfeet Wide Green Insoles are designed to provide the same famous comfort, shock absorption and maximum support found in all products in the Superfeet’s Green line, and now makes such benefits available to those of us who require a Wide Fit shoe. Specifically tailored to fit all feet and footwear sized 3E through 6E, the Wide Green provides an over-the-counter supportive insole that matches wide foot shapes in a way that simply up-sizing regular Green insoles would not.

These Superfeet Wide Green Insoles have the following features:

  • Ideal for feet with medium to high arches
  • Protects feet from strain and stress
  • Fits sizes 3E through 6E
  • Recommended for: Running, walking, hiking, alpine, or industrial footwear with removable insoles