Unisex Finn Comfort #8549 Classic Comfort Perforated Insoles

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The heart and soul of Finn Comfort shoes. The all natural orthopedic footbeds provide serious anatomical support. Recommended by leading foot health professionals worldwide. For optimal health and hygiene, we recommend replacing worn footbeds at least once a year. If necessary, Finn Comfort footbeds can be hand-washed with warm water and mild soap. Air dry naturally and away from direct sunlight.

A footbed designed in accordance with anatomical principles is a key factor in healthy walking. The Finn Comfort footbed promotes the natural heel-to-toe rolling motion of the foot, thus counteracting bad posture and improper stance.

Your joints and spine are relieved from unnecessary strains as you simply take the day's trials and tribulations in your stride.

These Finn Comfort #8549 Classic Comfort Perforated Insoles have the following features:

  • Rich moisture-absorbent suede lining made of organically tanned leather
  • Resilient cork/latex base for seriously healthy support
  • Anatomically shaped heel cup for optimal bedding relieves pressure and prevents calluses
  • The anatomically designed super comfort footbed encourages a natural walking motion from heel to toe
  • This insole can be hand-washed with mild soap at 86 degrees F
  • Made in Germany