Women's Viktor Shoes Happy Beige Suede/Leather

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The Viktor Happy is a casual women's handcrafted suede and leather sneaker style walking shoe built for all day comfort.

These Viktor Happy Beige Suede/Leather Women's Shoes have the following features:

  • Suede and leather uppers
  • Biodyn hidden rocker bottom
  • Padded heel and collar
  • Flexible heel and outer sole
  • Like walking barefoot in the sand
  • German engineered and handcrafted in Portugal
  • Biodyn is the German technology that gives you all the advantages and comfort of walking barefoot in sand
  • The concept behind Biodyn is all about returning to the way we were originally meant to walk
  • The Biodyn insole with its flexible heel and rolling middle-foot elements brings about a physiologically correct rolling movement and the functional elements of this patented technology are completely hidden inside the shoe
  • With every step you take, and even while standing, many muscles are involved from the foot all the way up to the neck
  • Lack of physical activity as well as walking and standing on hard surfaces lead to faulty pressure on muscles, strain, and premature fatigue and ultimately, to excessive strain on joints
  • Balance technology is used very successfully in a lot of training equipment many and is implemented in the outsole of some famous shoe brands as well
  • Fusing functionality with good looks. Everyone will notice you're wearing a stylish shoe, but no one will know you're wearing a fitness center on your feet