Women's Fidelio 43-4103 Linz 2 Nocciola Earth Leather

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The Fidelio 43-4103 Linz 2 is a casual women's leather slide sandal with two adjustable straps and hidden stretch panels to alleviate bunion problems.

These Fidelio 43-4103 Linz 2 Nocciola Earth Leather Women's Sandals have the following features:

  • Vegetable tanned leather uppers
  • Clever hidden stretch panel in the bunion area that relieves pressure while maintaining style
  • The highest-quality sandals that can be worn by people with bunions
  • For people with bunions the right shoes can help to ensure that there is no further deformation or damage
  • The soft-padded stretchable bunion insert is prevents severe pressure being placed upon the bunion
  • Sole and last have been constructed so as to provide plenty of room for the toes providing optimal comfort
  • The footbed is made from ECO Certified Renewable natural cork with extra padding in the forefoot and is anatomically designed to provide support and absolute comfort
  • The footbed is also removable for those who wish to use custom inserts
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