Women's Finn Comfort Finn Mellow Super Soft Footbeds

Item #215187

How does it fit?

The Finn Comfort Finn Mellow Super Soft replacement insole is anatomically designed to support your feet and naturally align your body.

These Finn Comfort Finn Mellow Super Soft Women's Insoles have the following features:

  • Anatomically contoured and ergonomically designed to support and align the body naturally
  • Made of natural cork harvested from Mediterranean Oak trees, Hevea latex from the rubber tree, and woven layers of jute
  • Lined with rich organically tanned suede chrome free and hypoallergenic
  • Suede tanning agents are derived from woods and barks. They are free of chemical additives and a eco-friendly
  • Encourages good posture and proper foot function while cradling and guiding your feet from heel to toe
  • Sustainable, natural cork is lightweight, flexible, absorbs shock, and resists most bacteria
  • The Finn Mellow supersoft footbed has a 1/4 inch layer of plush foam underfoot for exceptional padding
  • Experience ultimate comfort with good dynamic cushioning and excellent pressure distribution
  • The Finn Mellow soft footbed with a stabilized cork heel cup is modeled on the anatomy of the foot
  • Stabilizing heel cup contouring helps keep a natural motion with each step
  • Body weight is evenly distributed over the entire sole of the foot
  • Made in Germany
  • 11730