Women's Rieker 69692-40 Rosa 92 Fog RiekerTEXtile

Item #215948

How does it fit?

The Rieker Rosa clog style slipper is made for effortless, classic-looking comfort, and this Anti-stress version is a perfect example. This great-looking style is lined all over for dependable durability and ease.

The Rieker 69692-40 Rosa 92 Fog RiekerTEXtile has the following features:

  • RiekerTEXtile Upper
  • Heel height: 1 in
  • Velour Lining
  • EVA-Sole outsole

Lighter: Specially produced components and a unique construction method ensure that Rieker shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. A snug fit at the heel prevents forward movement of the foot within the shoe thus allowing total flexibility and total comfort.

Flexibility: Rieker shoes are especially flexible no pinching to give your foot freedom to move throughout the day whatever your tasks are. Flexible hand stitching within each shoe ensures the best fit at all times.

Shock Absorbing: The Rieker Anti-stress sole unit absorbs shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface for a more comfortable tread.

Roomier: Special Rieker lasts shapes ensure that there is more room at the front of the shoe allowing extra space for your foot when you need it.