About Mephisto Collection

Mephisto: Still Going Strong on a Tradition of Quality

Excellent craftsmanship dating back to 1960s remains the cornerstone of Mephisto shoes, which have steadily increased in popularity as more men and women discover the comfort, style and high quality of construction in each pair. All Mephisto footwear is handcrafted by expert shoemakers in France and Portugal who employ age-old traditions. On average, over 160 steps are needed to manufacturer a single pair of Mephisto shoes. This is the secret to the incomparable comfort and quality found in Mephistos.

Mephisto has made its way onto the soles of millions of stylish pedestrians in Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco … throughout the world … as they navigate both natural terrains and urban landscapes. Women and men alike have abandoned athletic shoes in favor of Mephisto footwear, a preferable and more stylish means of getting around with the proper support.

What has given Mephisto its staying power while other shoe manufacturers have come and gone as quickly as fashion trends?

Mephisto Features

Continuing on its rich tradition, Mephisto continues to rely on a formula of handcrafting walking shoes and sandals with the highest quality natural materials, including leather and cork. It also pairs its rich shoemaking heritage with modern technology to meet the challenges of navigating natural and urban landscapes.

In addition to quality construction and materials, today’s modern Mephisto shoes, boots and sandals feature:

  • Air Jet System: This innovation channels air throughout the sole of the shoe or sandal, so that every step allows the wearer’s foot to remain fresh and healthy.
  • Anatomically Full-fitting Last: This construction allows for proper heel, arch and foot support when a person is running his or her errands throughout town.
  • 100% Latex Rubber Outsoles: This feature enhances durability and maximizes shock absorption.
  • Mephisto Soft-Air Technology: Using the latest in innovations, Mephisto footwear features flexible Soft-Air midsoles that reduce the shock a pedestrian experiences while walking for short or long periods of time. This feature not only protects the wearer’s feet, but alleviates strain on the joints and aids in the proper alignment of the back.

An Investment in Quality

As many Mephisto aficionados realize, an added bonus of this quality footwear is its longevity. Because of the quality construction, the shoes can be re-crafted to ensure the wearer continues to reap the benefits of their investment.

Also, as many shoe repair shops can attest, well-made shoes — those constructed of quality leather and other natural materials — can be expertly repaired to make them as solid as the day they were first purchased. And Mephisto shoes, with their quality construction, are among those consumers will find worthy of a trip to the repair shop after miles and miles of wear.

With Mephisto shoes and sandals, authorized handcrafted refurbishment dealers for the quality walking shoe can attach the leather uppers of the footwear to brand new outsoles — even further extending their lifespan. If needed, the specially trained craftsmen also will insert new insoles and laces. From there, the leather uppers will be cleaned and conditioned.

Mephisto’s Origins

Mephisto has its roots in a moccasin created by Martin Michaeli, an engineer and expert shoemaker in France. He started distributing his wares to throughout Europe, including Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The quality of Michaeli’s craftsmanship caught the attention of discerning shoe buyers, making the footwear increasingly popular throughout Europe. In 1973, he decided to apply for his first patent to protect his rights to the manufacturing method he had developed for the footwear. By the mid-70s, Mephisto had become known internationally, including in the United States, and just a decade later, the company was exporting about 80 percent of its footwear. The opening of shops, followed with the first located in Germany.

Today, the brand continues to gain loyal converts. Its wide range of Mephisto walking shoes, sandals and boots, are selling about 100 million pairs each year. Its footwear fits the categories of City, Leisure, Boot, Performance, City’s Sandals and Leisure’s Sandals and also features the following lines: Mobils, Allrounder by Mephisto and Sano by Mephisto.