About Anuschka Handbags, Purses & Wallets

Anuschka Bags – Unique Hand-painted Style

Anuschka was formed back in 1984 when Roma and Swapan Basu began designing hand painted bags. In 2000, their son, Bhaskar created the Basu Group, which started selling its first Anuschka handbags in the United States. As the company became more successful, the Basu family expanded their designs to include bold patterns and colors, and these designs typically are inspired by fashion trends as well as nature.

All Anuschka bags are created in a small, family owned and run workshop by over 75 highly skilled artisans. Each one-of-a-kind bag is hand painted, and inspected and signed by one of the Basu family members. The Basu family believes in fostering the local economy by training artisans in their area to create these beautiful and functional bags.

Anuschka Artistic and Technical Features

Each Anuschka; bag is hand painted on high quality cowhide. With the inherent uniqueness of these hand painted leather purses and bags, they can be considered distinctive works of art. Additionally, each bag contains intricate details in the functionality of each bag as well as the appearance. Many Anuschka purses contain different sized compartments and pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and even key fobs. Even custom-made hardware brings these bags to a high level of luxury.

The History and Creation of Anuschka Hand Painted Handbags