Men's MBT Racer 18 Running Shoe Red Mesh

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The MBT Racer 18 is an athletic men's running shoe that is lightweight and built for speed and support.

These MBT Racer 18 Red Mesh Men's Shoes have the following features:

  • Breathable air mesh upper
  • Minimal seams and overlays, help prevent blisters and chafing
  • The Racer 18's primary technology is a rocker outsole with Pivot Strike
  • Pivot strike technology gives you an ideal mid-foot striking platform as the rocker increases your running efficiency and smoothly transitions you through the gait cycle
  • A flexible nylon shank embedded within the midsole
  • Co-molded flex shank begins in the heel and moves all the way to the balls of your feet
  • The shank is important because it keeps you secure within the shoe and stabilizes your foot during ground strike
  • Part of the Lightweight collection
  • Style number: 702007


This MBT style features removable insoles so that you can add your own orthotic insoles. Although to fully benefit from the MBT technology the MBT shoes should be worn without orthotics.

If you have any questions you can find the answers in our MBT Shoes Frequently Asked Questions section.

The MBT Running Index simplifies the process of finding the right level of MBT shoe for your needs. It ranks MBT Running soles into one of three categories, starting at Lightweight, the least level, and progressing through Performance and ending with our highest level, Cushioning.


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