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What Sets MBT Apart

Why do our customers love MBT shoes? There are lots of reasons! The unique rocker sole technology creates natural instability, forcing your body to balance itself. With MBT Shoes it feels like you're walking in sand! The rocker motion helps relieve pressure from your joints, and can alleviate pain from arthritis and even plantar fasciitis. MBT shoes also provide toning properties each time you take a step.

Quality, comfort and style are integral elements of MBT shoes. They hold up over time, feel great on your feet and help your entire body be healthy, and are available in a variety of styles such as sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, casual shoes, and even boots. There’s a model for every outfit and every occasion you have.

Footwear etc. is a Premier Retailer of MBT Shoes

Footwear etc. has been carrying MBT shoes for many years, and customers have loved the older models ranging from the Sport, the Chapa, and the Tariki to newer models such as the Nafasi, the Jambo, and the Bosi. Our customer service representatives are experts in how these shoes fit and wear, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

MBT shoes are perfect for people who are on their feet all day, or who just want to walk for exercise. Browse our selection of MBT shoes online to discover what our customers have been raving about!