Women's MBT Simba Trainer Black Leather

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Stay comfortable while you stay active and fit. The MBT Simba Trainer is a casual women's leather active walking shoe with MBT Sensor Technology that promotes an active rolling motion as you walk.

These MBT Simba Trainer Black Leather Women's Shoes have the following features:

  • Made with a leather upper which enhances a secure fit and keeps you looking professional, even during active moments
  • Designed on a neutral platform
  • Utilizes MBT SensorTechnology, a soft PU compound located between the midsole and outsole that creates the specific functionality of the MBT sole
  • PU component makes for a soft heel landing that propels you to a smooth toe-off
  • Pivot axis creates a stable mid-foot surface as the shoes dynamic rocker propels you toward a mid-foot strike
  • Gentle rocker of the Simba Trainer will help you smoothly transition through the gait cycle
  • Provides your foot comfort and breathability
  • Style number 700861
  • Part of the Dynamic collection

The MBT Index simplifies the process of finding the right level of MBT shoe for your needs. It ranks MBT into one of three categories, starting at Activate, our least level of rock, and progressing through Dynamic and ending with the highest level of rock, Performance.


This MBT style features removable insoles so that you can add your own orthotic insoles. Although to fully benefit from the MBT technology the MBT shoes should be worn without orthotics.