Unisex PediFix FELTastic Hammer Toe Cushion

Item #12-272

How does it fit?

The Pedifix Soft Felt Hammer Toe Cushion comforts bent-under toes, sore toe tips. Soft, felt-covered pad supports bent-under hammer, claw, mallet and arthritic toes. Relieves pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses and blisters. The PediFix Soft Felt Hammer Toe Cushion makes walking easier and eases foot pain. The adjustable toe loop holds cushion securely in place. Available in Small, Medium, and Large. Specify Left or Right. One per package.

Hammer Toe Cushion eases pressure on toe tips as it comforts and supports bent-under toes. This soft, contoured pad also relieves forefoot pain while helping prevent blisters and corns. Adjustable toe loop holds cushion securely in place. Soft, durable top cover.

The Pedifix Soft Felt Hammer Toe Cushion has the following features:

  • Cushions & supports bent-under toes
  • Relieves pressure on toe tips that can cause blisters, corns
  • Effective for 'hammer', 'claw' and 'mallet' toe conditions
  • Relieves ball-of-foot pain often associated with hammer toes
  • Makes shoes and walking more comfortable
  • Proven relief for rigid hammer toes and related toe-tip corns and ball of foot pain.

DIRECTIONS: With wide end of Hammer Toe Cushion pointing toward your big toe and flat side facing the floor, position product under your toes. Slip the strap over your second, or third or fourth toe. Gently pull loose end of strap until cushion fits comfortably against your skin. Do not over-tighten! Pull on hosiery carefully and readjust product as needed. For best results, do not wear shoes that compress toes together. If desired, strap may be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit. Take care when removing product from foot, so that band does not slip out of insertion slot and eliminate loop.

CARE: Hand wash product with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Press flat in a clean towel to remove excess moisture then air dry completely, away from direct heat and sunlight, before reuse.

WARNINGS: If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician before using this product. Adjusting strap too tightly will prevent proper circulation. Non-sterile. Do not use this item on broken skin. Remove product from foot for at least four consecutive hours daily. If this product causes you to have skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain, discontinue use immediately.

Size Guide: Small fits Women's shoe size 4-7.5 Medium fits Women's shoe size 8-10, Men's 6-8.5 Large fits Women's shoe size 10+, Men's 9+