Women's Saola Cannon Knit White Fabric

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These might be the lightest shoes you will ever own. The Saola Cannon Knit is a casual women's sneaker style walking shoe that is both vegan and eco-friendly using recycled and bio-based materials.

These Saola Cannon Knit White Fabric Women's Shoes have the following features:

  • Upper made of 4 recycled plastic bottles
  • Insole : 100% natural cork, harvested algae foam and EVA make a perfect sustainable combo for a maximum of comfort
  • Outsole : natural algaes and EVA brings lightness and cushioning while rubber reinforcements guarantee a maximum of durability
  • 11 gallons of clean water returned to habitat per pair BloomFoam tech
  • 27 m3 of air cleaned per pair BloomFoam tech
  • 100% organic cotton laces
  • One shoe weights less than 0,4 lbs
  • The knit construction brings comfort and breathability to a whole new level
  • Removable insole