Collonil Nano Complete Foam 200 ml

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Collonil Nano Complete Caring and Waterproofing Foam cleans, nourishes and protects shoes and both leather and synthetic garment materials. This innovative product, incorporating Nano Technology, provides a long-lasting protective film against moisture and dirt. The Easy to clean formula allows easy repeat cleansing and day to day breathability. The Softness of the material is preserved and colours are revived, too. Solvent-free.


  • Highly effective by means of Nano technology
  • For all types of leather and synthetic materials
  • Suitable for Tex-materials, such as Gore-Tex
  • May be used indoor, fumeless
  • Solvent free

Shake can well before use. Keep upright and apply sparingly onto a cloth or sponge. Spread evenly. Bigger surfaces: spray on item from a distance of approx. 10 cm. Spread evenly with a cloth. Let dry for approx. 30 minutes and buff up as required.