Unisex Marcmarcs 91520 Invisible Cotton Socks 2 Pair Pack Black

Item #212553

How does it fit?

Marcmarcs 91520 Invisible Cotton 2 Pack socks have an ultra-low-cut design that makes them ideal for wearing with loafers or flats.

These Marcmarcs 91520 Invisible Cotton 2 Pack Black Unisex Socks have the following features:

  • Made of high quality materials which makes them extra enjoyable to wear
  • An ideal mix of pure comfort and simple design
  • 76% cotton, 22% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • A silicone strip on the heel keeps them perfectly in place
  • Fine European hosiery designed for superior comfort
  • Created with innovative materials offering a perfect fit
  • Comes in 2 pair pack